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The Steinhauer Group provides both community based occupational therapy services in Palm Beach County, FL (to home health agencies, assisted living facilities, and directly to consumers), and consults with stakeholders in the emergency management and preparedness industry addressing planning for functional and access needs populations.

What People Are Saying About Us....


"My firm has worked with The Steinhauer Group on a federal nursing home appeal and I found their consultants ready, willing and able. Their professionals were thorough in their tasks and provided an excellent work product for the client."

Attorney Bob Lightfoot

Murphy Desmond S.C.

Madison, WI



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From a Press Release.....


"Beth Hadley from The Steinhauer Group of Madison has been hired to conduct training on a grant from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. Nine worker-owners of Cooperative Care are being trained to be Mentors. The grant is allowing the workers to be paid for training hours and for a consultant trainer to conduct 32 hours of training. The grant will also be used to train home care workers to become Certified Nursing Assistants, help provide additional training for board members and help board members to become community leaders."

"Once they are trained as mentors, they will be used to problem solve client care issues with other care givers, help train new members, and support other worker-owners who need assistance in doing their best on the job."



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"I have the pleasure to write you about one of your consultants, Karen Callies, RN."


"Karen had originally been asked to conduct a mock survey for us. We had also asked that she review a few charts that concerned us. Although we had known Karen in her role as a surveyor, we had not had the opportunity to work with her since she came to the other side!"



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"As a participant in the 4-part leadership development series, taught by Beth Hadley with TSG, I found them to be very useful and eye-opening. Beth is an excellent presenter and those 3 hours go by very quickly. I think one of the big pluses to Beth being a presenter is that she actually "knows of what she speaks!" Many presenters do not, and therefore, are not as effective because they can't speak spontaneously on the topics. She is able to bridge that gap."


"Good job, Beth! The Steinhauer Group did well in selecting you as their presenter. These are great sessions, and I learned something new about leadership/management/people at each session. At our office, we talk about the color identification almost every day, and it has really helped to understand why people react or respond the way they do…it is who they are. I no longer say, "I wish they would just…," because I now accept that they have a different way of approaching situations. Thank you so much!"

Kathy Ash


Executive Asst/Director of Training

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