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The Steinhauer Group provides both community based occupational therapy services in Palm Beach County, FL (to home health agencies, assisted living facilities, and directly to consumers), and consults with stakeholders in the emergency management and preparedness industry addressing planning for functional and access needs populations.

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Contact: Michael Steinhauer, Principal

March 22, 2007


The Steinhauer Group, LLC named Wisconsin Homecare Organization

Associate Member of the Year – 2007


Madison, WI: The Wisconsin Homecare Organization (WHO) has announced the Associate Member of the year award to The Steinhauer Group, LLC. The Group’s principal, Michael Steinhauer accepted the award at the WHO Annual Spring Conference in Madison on March 22, 2007.


During the awards ceremony, WHO Executive Director Russell King stated that The Steinhauer Group has made, “especially significant and meaningful contributions to the home care industry in Wisconsin. They made it clear that WHO and its provider members can call on it for help and when those calls have been made, this associate member has never failed. Time and time again this associate member has risen to the challenge of helping WHO members and the WHO staff find information, answers, and direction.”


The Steinhauer Group, LLC offers management consulting services to long term care facilities in Wisconsin, primarily related to regulatory compliance, leadership training, disaster planning, and institutional culture change. They also offer home health agencies, nursing homes and assisted living facilities mock surveys and mentoring for state plans of correction. The Steinhauer Group is a qualified vendor of the Department of Health and Family Services, Office of Quality Assurance.


The Wisconsin Homecare Organization is a nonprofit statewide trade association representing providers of in-home and community-based health care goods and services. WHO endeavors to make positive differences in the lives of Wisconsin's providers of home care and the growing number of families that depend on them, primarily through education and advocacy. WHO will help providers achieve their highest potentials, and help families receive high quality compassionate care, by providing leadership and training, building cooperation and awareness, and championing the causes of appropriate accessibility and regulation.